Research Tutorial

Welcome to our video tutorial on writing research papers. We see these videos as a versatile resource for the entire RISD community: students can watch these on their own, in study groups, or with Writing Center tutors; faculty should feel free to show them in classes or assign them as homework; we’re also available for class visits to help facilitate discussion.

To watch a video, click on the title listed below. You can watch them all in order or choose specific topics to focus on. (To watch them all at once, go to our vimeo album and click the couch icon). Below the video list, you will also find supporting materials.

Please contact us with any feedback or questions, or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. And, of course, you’re welcome to make an appointment with one of our tutors to work on your own research papers.

Video List

1 Introduction (2:45)

2 Gathering Sources (2:30)

3 Active Reading: Overview (1:27)

3.1 Deciphering Texts (2:31)

3.2 Prioritizing Texts (2:57)

3.3 Annotating Texts (1:19)

4 Engaging Sources: Overview (2:08)

4.1 Annotated Bibliography (1:50)

4.2 Reading Journal (2:05)

4.3 Note Cards (2:47)

4.4 Electronic Platforms (3:58)

5 Integrating Sources: Overview (1:46)

5.1 Facts, Common Knowledge, and Writer’s Voice/Opinion (5:48)

5.2 Others’ Voice/Opinion (5:45)

5.3 Signal Phrases/Sentences (5:44)

6 Citation: What and Why (2:41)

6.1 The Basics (1:58)

6.2 APA (1:35)

6.3 MLA (1:53)

6.4 CMS (2:42)

Supporting Materials

Research Paper Video Tutorial Transcript

Research1—The Research Process
Workshop Handout: Active Reading and Tracking Engagement
Research2—Integrating Sources
Integrating Sources Workshop Handout
The Writing Process

Fleet Library Research Guides
They Say, I Say
Kelly Gardiner’s “Research Tools Every Writer Needs”  The first half offers valuable research tactics and venues; the second half lists electronic platforms for collecting and organizing what you find.

Written and created by Meredith Barrett, RISD Writing Center Coordinator.
Thanks to Jen Liese for editorial assistance,
Julia Gartrell for voice direction,
and Amy Horschack for all her technical support.

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