Recommended Readings and Resources

Writing Pedagogy

Kerry Walk, “Teaching with Writing”

Nancy Sommers and Laura Saltz, “The Novice as Expert: Writing the Freshman Year”

WPA (Council of Writing Programs Administrators), “Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition”

Assignments, Feedback, and Grading

Rhoda Flaxman, “Creating Meaningful Writing Assignments”

Rhoda Flaxman, “Offering Meaningful Commentary on Student Writing”

Nancy Sommers, “Responding to Student Writing”

JoAnne M. Podis and Leonard A. Podis, “Improving Our Response to Student Writing: A Process-Oriented Approach”

Elliot H. Shapiro, “Why I Don’t Grade Papers”

Supporting Writing by Non-native English Speakers

Judy Pierpont, “ESL Students In First-Year Writing Seminars: Helping Instructors to Address Their Language Needs”

Writing Across Borders
(video on “contrastive rhetoric,” or the various rhetorical traditions of different cultures)

Carol Servino, “The “Doodles” in Context: Qualifying Claims about Contrastive Rhetoric”

Faculty material on helping non-native English speakers with their writing from the Writing Centre of the Ontario College of Art and Design 

The Texas A&M University writing center’s extensive resource list for faculty with links to handouts, video and audio broadcasts, including “Write Away” faculty interviews.

Other Topics and Resources

Muriel Harris, “Talking in the Middle: Why Writers Need Writing Tutors”

Jan Svenungsson, “The Writing Artist”

Rachel Howard, “Gesture Writing”

The Purdue Online Writing Lab

We also have a library of books about writing, research, and teaching writing, as well as books written by artists and designers, all available for faculty borrowing.

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