For Grad Students

The RISD Writing Center welcomes graduate students to meet with any tutor with any type of writing, from grant applications to artist statements to master’s theses. All our staff members are trained and prepared to work with all types of writing. You can make an appointment using our online schedule.

As for all students, weekly or biweekly appointments can be arranged through the RISD Writing Center Coordinator, Meredith Barrett (

Master’s Written Thesis

All graduate students at RISD write, design, and produce a Master’s thesis book — a lasting record of their work, process, research, and ideas. While the criteria for the written thesis vary from department to department, most theses describe and illustrate the student’s thesis project or body of work. Some include additional projects or pieces made throughout the graduate program at RISD. Most place the work in historical, theoretical, cultural, and/or personal context. Some are scholarly, some practical, some poetic. The variety of thesis approaches reflects RISD’s variety of disciplines, their related professional practices and traditions, departmental standards, and the distinct interests and intentions of the thesis writer.

The Master’s written thesis is, for many, a deeply rewarding experience of discovery that clarifies, crystallizes, expands, and articulates the process and outcomes of graduate work. Placed in the Fleet Library and consulted often by other students and scholars, the thesis is also an important contribution to research and scholarship. But doing the hard work of a long-term research and writing project doesn’t have to be a solitary task. The RISD Writing Center offers a number of  workshops and resources to support grad students in preparation for and throughout this process.

Visual Communication Tutoring

If you would like support in planning the layout of your book, look for any tutor with “VC” next to their name; these tutors specialize in visual rhetoric and can help guide your process.

Anne West, Graduate Liaison 

Anne West is available for continuous one-on-one meetings in the RISD Writing Center throughout the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Due to high demand, these meetings are usually scheduled to take place every two weeks, allowing for more students to take advantage of this resource. Anne’s schedule fills up quickly, so please email Meredith Barrett ( to request a reservation as early as possible. Students may also be interested in Anne’s book, Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work: An Explorative Guide to Making, Thinking, and Writing, available in our own library and for sale at RISD Works.


Grad Written Thesis—Getting Started

Grad Written Thesis—Abstracts

Grad Written Thesis—Peer Review

Grad Written Thesis—Copy Editors 2017


The RISD Writing Center offers a number of workshops around the grad written thesis, research writing, artist and designer statements, and other topics. Please see our workshop page for the full list and schedule.  We’re also available to give these workshops in classrooms (adapted as needed) upon faculty request.

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