Workshops! Come and Get ‘Em!

18 Sep

The RISD Writing Center is kicking off our Fall semester workshops next week with two Liberal Arts-focused workshops.

E101 Literary Analysis: Overview and Q+A
Presented by: Meredith Barrett
You may already be familiar with writing about literature from high school, but college-level assignments will take you deeper into literary analysis. Your E101 professor will guide you through conventions in the discipline, but this workshop will provide a refresher, a chance to further your practice of writing as a reader, and a place to ask questions. We’ll cover topics including annotating texts; close reading; quoting from the text; and analyzing character, plot, dialogue, symbols, and metaphors.

Monday, September 22
Wednesday, October 1
Thursday, October 9

H101 Formal Analysis Paper: Overview and Q+A
Presented by: Jen Liese
Your first H101 paper assignment—the formal analysis—is probably entirely new to you. Your H101 professor will guide you through the conventions, but you may want to learn more. In this workshop, we’ll review the essentials and the finer points of this cornerstone of art history writing, share approaches for looking, describing, and analyzing, and raise the questions you thought no one else would have.

Tuesday, September 23
Monday, September 29

These workshops will take place 4:00-5:30 pm in the Writing Center (CB 240). Each is offered multiple times, so choose the day and time that best fits your schedule (no need to RSVP—just arrive on time, please).

And check out our other Fall semester workshops on our Workshops page.

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