The RISD Writing Center—it’s not just for writing anymore

27 Aug

Welcome — and welcome back — to campus, everyone. We’ve spent the summer preparing a year full of new features, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

As always, the RISD Writing Center offers free, hour-long tutoring sessions to support developing an effective writing process. We work with all kinds of RISD writers (strong, struggling, and in between), all kinds of writing (academic, professional, personal), and at all stages of the writing process (from brainstorming to drafting to revision).

Here’s the BIG NEWS: this year, the Writing Center will begin offering tutoring support and workshops in two new areas:

Public Speaking (in class presentations, class discussions, critique …)

  • using your body in space
  • projecting your voice
  • focusing content
  • using narrative structures
  • engaging the audience

Visual Communication (in printed matter, presentation visuals, websites …)

  • establishing aesthetic or tone
  • choosing and setting type
  • designing on a grid
  • creating image strategies
  • selecting and applying color

If you’re looking for guidance on your public speaking or visual communication, make an appointment with a tutor with a “PS” or “VC” next to their name on our online schedule. These tutors are specially trained to support you in everything from basic principles to subtle refinement.

Feel free to write, call, or stop by to learn about these services and all our resources. See you around the Writing Center!

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