A Semester in Events

3 Jun

This Spring, the Writing Center co-sponsored several amazing and inspiring visitors who helped us think about both writing in new ways and new ways of writing.


Creative writers from all departments gathered to learn and share with comics artist and writing guru Lynda Barry. With Barry’s guidance, we shook off the self-editing shackles and focused – mind and body – on the task of recalling and recreating memories.



Tim Sutton showed his film Pavilion and discussed his process, revealing how writing and making are sometimes the same cyclical process: full of inspiration, temporary hurdles, and plenty of revision.

RISD_Triple_Candie_Poster_FINALShelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett of Triple Candie plunged us into their explorations of exhibition, creativity, and authorship through a performance-talk about the artist Siren Bliss. Hearing their stories had us asking: How does putting something in print help make it real? How does stating fiction as fact call other facts into question? For us, the line between truth and fiction remains happily fuzzy.

These events contributed to the ever-multiplying connections between writing and making and illuminated the impact of our processes. Stay tuned for more exciting events come Fall.

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