Click on the Clock!

27 Nov

Did you know that we have a wait list?

The final weeks of the term are always busy here at the Writing Center.  This makes it difficult to get an appointment within the next week, but remember that our fabulous wait list feature can help.

If you are looking for an appointment on a day that is currently full, click on the clock icon next to the date.

A window will appear and guide you through a quick and easy process. Once you have added yourself to the wait list, the schedule will send you an email any time a student cancels an appointment, so you can then log on and make an appointment for yourself.

We understand that schedules can change and emergencies come up.  This wait list feature helps everyone make the best of those situations.  Please continue to respect each others’ time through responsible use of our online schedule: only make appointments you plan to keep or cancel a few days ahead of time.

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