Writing @ RISD

6 Sep

Welcome and welcome back, everybody! Here at the RISD Writing Center we’re hard at work getting ready to start the year. We’re scouting new peer tutors, developing  workshop ideas, and thinking a lot about writing @ RISD. Writing at RISD is so many things: It’s papers for Liberal Arts classes, graduate written theses, artist statements, proposals for new projects, and sketchbook jottings. Here’s last year’s grad commencement speaker, Dylan Greif, on what writing at RISD is to him:

“At RISD, there’s writing with words, but there’s also the vocabulary of forms, the grammar of the grid, writing in typography, with paint, with string, with microprocessors in pay phones.”

Whatever kind of writing you’re doing, whatever stage of the writing process you’re at, whatever you want to work on in your writing—we can’t wait to hear about it. Please make an appointment when we open for tutoring on September 17, or just come on by to visit anytime.

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