Bibliophilia for All

11 Apr

Displays at the library are always intriguing, but rarely are they interactive. The Fleet Library is currently showing selections from the collection chosen by RISD’s own faculty, staff, and students. Members of our community can recommend media from any genre on any topic to be part of the exhibition “Bibliophilia – Books We Love & Why”. Contributors are invited to provide a few sentences on why each book, film, or other visual material is of particular interest.

The exhibit serves as a testament to the range of interests among RISD’s population. Among the books already on view, some seem to be chosen for aesthetic reasons and others for utility. Some are old classics and some are new favorites.  Most express an appreciation for books as visual objects.

Visit this display on the first floor Library Reading Room’s stadium seats for inspiration and ideas for your next read. To date there are around 100 pieces in the exhibit, with a few cards marking books that seem to have been snagged for closer viewing. If you would like to contribute, visit Library service desks to pick up suggestion cards or fill out this online form to have up to three of your choices included. “Bibliophilia” runs until Sunday, April 22nd.—Meredith Barrett

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