Write for The All-Nighter

13 Oct

Hello there! My name is Courtney Lam and I’m a junior in Textiles. Apart from being a tutor at the Writing Center, I’m also the editor-in-chief of The All-Nighter, RISD’s online student newspaper. As a visitor to this website, you probably have some interest in writing, and contributing to The All-Nighter is a great way to get your work out to a broader audience. We publish weekly issues on our website, www.all-nighter.com, and our different sections—News, Opinion, Spotlight, Lifestyle, and Inspiration—cover a wider range of topics relevant to RISD campus life.

Even if you’ve never tried your hand at journalism before, our editors will help you along the way as you investigate the stories that interest you. Writing for The All-Nighter is a great way to be participate in the community and be informed about what’s going on. It’s also an opportunity to help improve communication on campus. Because RISD students have diverse skills, and since we are a digital publication, our articles can take less traditional forms and we’re happy to discuss any ideas you may have—from shooting video interviews to drawing comics to making infographics.

We acknowledge that studio workloads are heavy and that writing takes time, so don’t feel as though writing for The All-Nighter needs to be a full-time commitment—last year, we had a mix of regular contributors and guest writers, and we try to accommodate individual schedules. If you’re interested in joining the team, we meet every Sunday night at 7pm in the Tap Room (4th Floor of Memorial Hall), and if you have any specific questions, you can email me at clam01@risd.edu. Hope to hear from you!

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