The Grad Thesis Books Are In!

10 Jun

Visiting the graduate thesis show at the Convention Center is one way to witness the cumulative intelligence and rigor of RISD’s graduate students. Another is to behold the stacks of fresh-from-the-presses graduate written theses, pictured here in the Graduate Studies office, where they gather for a read by Dean Patricia Phillips before migrating to the Fleet Library’s shelves for all to see.

These beautifully bound, illustrated, researched, and articulated documents are a testament to the depth of the graduate experience at RISD, and are quite often integral to the thesis work itself, conceptually and even literally. A good many grads this year included their written thesis in the graduate exhibition, and the Graphic Design grads produced a takeaway “catalogue of the show, which is also the show.”

Congratulations, grads, on your keen expressions of your work and ideas in text and image.

And congratulations, Anne West, on your new book—Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work—just out from Moth Press and luminous proof of your many years of generous, generative, irrepressible, and inimitable grad written thesis teaching at RISD.

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