“It, Me, You, Us” Lecture Series

6 Oct

The Writing Center is very proud to be co-hosting “It, Me, You, Us: Close Encounters with Interpretation,” a series of lectures exploring varied ways of writing about and engaging with art, with an emphasis on the sensory, the subjective, and the shared. Why? Because experiencing art, thinking about art, and talking about art are all essential aspects of writing about art.

Don’t miss Mira Schor, one of our very favorite artist-writers, on October 16. And in the meantime, visit her blog, A Year of Positive Thinking.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.00.24 AMMira Schor, Portrait of My Brain, 2007. Oil on linen, 16 x 12 in.

Workshops! Come and Get ‘Em!

18 Sep

The RISD Writing Center is kicking off our Fall semester workshops next week with two Liberal Arts-focused workshops.

E101 Literary Analysis: Overview and Q+A
Presented by: Meredith Barrett
You may already be familiar with writing about literature from high school, but college-level assignments will take you deeper into literary analysis. Your E101 professor will guide you through conventions in the discipline, but this workshop will provide a refresher, a chance to further your practice of writing as a reader, and a place to ask questions. We’ll cover topics including annotating texts; close reading; quoting from the text; and analyzing character, plot, dialogue, symbols, and metaphors.

Monday, September 22
Wednesday, October 1
Thursday, October 9

H101 Formal Analysis Paper: Overview and Q+A
Presented by: Jen Liese
Your first H101 paper assignment—the formal analysis—is probably entirely new to you. Your H101 professor will guide you through the conventions, but you may want to learn more. In this workshop, we’ll review the essentials and the finer points of this cornerstone of art history writing, share approaches for looking, describing, and analyzing, and raise the questions you thought no one else would have.

Tuesday, September 23
Monday, September 29

These workshops will take place 4:00-5:30 pm in the Writing Center (CB 240). Each is offered multiple times, so choose the day and time that best fits your schedule (no need to RSVP—just arrive on time, please).

And check out our other Fall semester workshops on our Workshops page.

The RISD Writing Center—it’s not just for writing anymore

27 Aug

Welcome — and welcome back — to campus, everyone. We’ve spent the summer preparing a year full of new features, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

As always, the RISD Writing Center offers free, hour-long tutoring sessions to support developing an effective writing process. We work with all kinds of RISD writers (strong, struggling, and in between), all kinds of writing (academic, professional, personal), and at all stages of the writing process (from brainstorming to drafting to revision).

Here’s the BIG NEWS: this year, the Writing Center will begin offering tutoring support and workshops in two new areas:

Public Speaking (in class presentations, class discussions, critique …)

  • using your body in space
  • projecting your voice
  • focusing content
  • using narrative structures
  • engaging the audience

Visual Communication (in printed matter, presentation visuals, websites …)

  • establishing aesthetic or tone
  • choosing and setting type
  • designing on a grid
  • creating image strategies
  • selecting and applying color

If you’re looking for guidance on your public speaking or visual communication, make an appointment with a tutor with a “PS” or “VC” next to their name on our online schedule. These tutors are specially trained to support you in everything from basic principles to subtle refinement.

Feel free to write, call, or stop by to learn about these services and all our resources. See you around the Writing Center!

A Look Back, A Leap Forward

9 Jun

What a wonderful year it has been for the RISD Writing Center. We’ve taken on new ventures and participated in engaging events, from public speaking workshops and Grad Thesis Writing Retreats to a full day of exploring ekphrasis and our series of Readings in the Writing Center. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with faculty, staff, students, and guests, and we want to thank everyone who could be part of it.

Now that it’s summer, we’re looking ahead to 2014-15, and we’ve got plenty in store: we’ll be continuing our support for the RISD writing community and continuing to build on some of this year’s new endeavors, but we’re also expanding in exciting new ways. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re planning and what we’re reading.

Summer Reading

This summer, we’ll be considering new perspectives for tutors, especially in terms of collaborative learning and social justice. These readings will help us train tutors as leaders and as allies, both in the work they already do and in new approaches:

  • Augusto Boal’s Games for Actors and Non-Actors
  • bell hooks’s Teaching to Transgress
  • Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  • Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown’s A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change

This coming year, the RISD Writing Center will expand its tutoring to include writing, public speaking, and visual rhetoric for all RISD composers. In preparation for this big step toward multimodal composition, we’re looking at the following books:

  • Sohui Lee and Russell Carpenter’s Routledge Reader on Writing Centers & New Media
  • N. Katherine Hayles’s How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis
  • David M. Sheridan, Jim Ridolfo, and Anthony J. Michel’s The Available Means of Persuasion: Mapping a Theory and Pedagogy of Multimodal Public Rhetoric
  • Le Odell and Susan M. Katz’s Writing in a Visual Age
  • Xu Bing’s Book from the Ground
  • Mathieu Borysevicz’s The Book About Xu Bing’s Book from the Ground

As always, we’re keeping in touch with critical conversations around writing, art, and design. These texts are our latest finds on the topic:

  • Noel Carroll’s On Criticism
  • Elizabeth Fisher and Rebecca Fortnum’s On Not Knowing: How Artists Think
  • Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several Short Sentences About Writing

We wish you good summer reading, too, and look forward to seeing you all in the Fall.

Tweet at Us!

3 Jun

The RISD Writing Center has a brand new Twitter account, and we’re eager to join in the conversation around writing in the context of art and design.

Follow @RISDWriting to see the events, news, and writers/artists we’re excited about.

Have something to share? Something to ask? We can’t wait to hear from you.

First Tweet


Join In the Worldwide #wikiwomen Tribute

19 May

Wrap up your year with an exciting event that addresses a worthy issue. Don’t miss Writing for Wadewitz: An Adrianne Wadewitz Memorial Edit-a-Thon this Thursday, May 22, 1:30-6pm. Participants will gather at Brown’s Rockefeller Library and contribute to Wikipedia articles about under-represented people.

Here are a few of the many suggested topics in need of creation, expansion, or further research:

Check out the event website for more information and to RSVP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Providence/Brown_Wadewitz_Memorial_2014


Get Published this Summer

6 May

East Coast Ink Magazine’s latest call for submission has caught our eye. The theme is Portraiture — a genre accomplished both in text and image. It sounds like a task RISD writers are up for.

Do you have writing or photography to share? Click on the poster below to see all the details.

CFS SM14 Portraiture




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